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Relax or Adventure on the Isle of Mull

Mull was made for relaxation. The air is clean and the pace of life is unhurried, it's easy to forget the stresses of work, traffic and busy towns and cities. You may choose to simply slow down and soak up the atmosphere or you may decide to explore all that's on offer. However you'd like to spend your time, you're certain to leave invigorated.
Mull is a vast, immensely varied place, with 1000 ft sea cliffs, powder white sand beaches and a huge mountain range with the highest mountain, Ben More, rising 3000 feet from a very blue and crystal clear sea. Spectacular oceanic views confront the visitor at every turn in the road and beaches can be found that have seen no other people for days - or even weeks. Golden eagles and the very rare white tailed sea eagle have their stronghold here, as does the elusive otter. Dolphins, whales and basking sharks are seen regularly around Mull and the 200 smaller islands and rocky outcrops that surround it.
Mull is indeed a wild and stunningly beautiful place but it also has attractive village settlements scattered amid its glens and along its hugely indented coastline. Tobermory is reckoned to be the prettiest village in all the Hebrides. The islands of Ulva, Iona and Staffa are other must see destinations. Forest walks can be enjoyed, and bicycles can be hired to ride along Mull's hundreds of tracks and trails.